Spice up Your Garments

One of my friends asked me about how she can dye her outdoor cushions. She said she was upset because her cushions' colors were faded. She asked me if she can dye them at home, and I thought this would be an interesting topic for my blog since it is almost summer. I told her,... Continue Reading →


The Beauty of Geodesic Patterns

If you’ve never looked closely at the patterns of geode stones I suggest you do it right away because they exhibit a lot of beautifully organic patterns with awe-inspiring color palettes. I was thinking of a way to bring the beauty of geode stones into my work in a medium other than textile. So I asked... Continue Reading →

Review of Mariano Fortuny

I am so exited to speak about my favorite artist. A guy whose works are always inspiring me. The more I read about him the more I love him and adore him. Mariano Fortuny(1871-1949) is my favorite artist. Fortuny was a painter, engraver, architect, photographer, lighting technician, inventor, impresario, fashion and textile designer who became... Continue Reading →

Textile Trends in 2019

Living in big cities will be fun if we can create some calm atmosphere. Starting a busy day and being surrounded by lots of air and sound pollution is a typical daily life in big cities. There is tons of advice how to keep a level ahead. For example, going to yoga, or walking in... Continue Reading →

Steps to Screen Print at Home

Are you ready to screen print? Remember a few weeks ago, when I listed the tools that you need to do screen print at home, I promised a blog about the steps of printing. Here you go! It is really easy and fun   1-    Prepare your design For the beginners, it’s better to start with a... Continue Reading →

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